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Croatia: Diocletian's Palace, Split, and surroundings
Score: 63

"The archaeological excavations and reports are thorough and academic, but there is very little link between this work and the tourist information. The World Heritage site is a place where people live, work and get married … but the pressures of over-crowding are evident. The aesthetic appeal is that of a stage set, a theatrical setting for people to be players."

"There was little in the way of organized tourism around the ruins—there was an outdoor cafe in the middle of them. However, I found this integration of the historic and the contemporary to be quite pleasing."

Croatia: Dubrovnik and environs
Score: 68

"Well-restored, well-situated and a mecca for tourists interested in history ancient through contemporary, including the 1990s war. Site is very suitable for self-guided wandering, with lots of eateries and accommodations. Best accommodation deals and most culturally interesting experiences mean staying in locals homes B&B style, which is not hard to arrange. This destination has a lot of potential if it stays on track."

"This beautiful site and its environs are now deluged by an invasion of tourists. Sheer numbers, particularly from cruise ships, overwhelm Dubrovnik. Attention to the scheduling of ship arrivals and departures is badly needed to alleviate congestion of the site.Narrow roads crammed with buses, and scarcity of parking for private autos is regrettable."

"A museum-town for decades. There is still a living community within the magnificent walls, one which skillfully makes use of its historic beauty without jeopardizing its integrity. Tourists are well cared for in every way, to the benefit of the inhabitants."

"The uniformity of buildings and structures was well maintained within historical guidelines. Very strong aesthetic appeal, what with the wall and multiple-layered buildings against an ocean backdrop."

"A classic success story of restoration and preservation. It has become an extremely popular destination and will hopefully not exceed its capacity to absorb visitors. Tourism can be a good thing for the local economy, but environmental and social impacts should be carefully monitored."

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