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Text by Mary Beth LaRue

Get a taste of Marrakech before you go with Traveler's picks for the best blogs, podcasts, maps, and other essential resources.


My Marrakesh

In gorgeous prose accompanied by brightly hued photographs, blogger Maryam writes "bemused tales of an American family's quest to build a guesthouse in Marrakech." Maryam's Moroccan life is more than a little like a fairy tale. Why Marrakech? "We decided to build our guesthouse, Peacock Pavilions, in Marrakesh because it seemed to offer just the right combination of factors: amazing weather, delicious food, fascinating culture, beautiful architecture, and a low crime rate," says Maryam. "The fact that we were able to buy an olive grove as the site of our guesthouse helped too. Our peacocks roam freely among the trees."

A Moroccan Kitchen

Join Samira and Sabah for traditional Moroccan recipes like onion and raisin jam, chicken tagine, and couscous, and stories of their lives in the Fez Medina. Though the blog isn't often updated, it's a great resource for Moroccan food. You'll enjoy little gems like the photos of shopping for raisins in the medina and details of menus at Riad Laaroussa, the restaurant where they work.

The House in Marrakech

The House in Marrakech is a peek into Moroccan daily life. Read entries and see colorful photographs of shopping in the suqs for tea glasses and rings, collecting shells on the beach at Moulay Bouzerktoun, and dyeing a skirt with traditional powder. Also see the author's evocative photographs of Morocco.

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