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Bombay To Mumbai: A Megacity In The Developing World: Part One, Part Two

Listen to author and native Mumbaikar Suketu Mehta read from his book, Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found. He offers an in-depth perspective of the evolution of Mumbai's modernity in a globalizing world, presented in a two-part series hosted on Planetizen.

Mapping Mumbai, by the Tate Modern

The Tate Modern offers this four-part series from a 2006 symposium that aimed to map Mumbai in an artistic context, "examining the role that the arts and culture have played in the regeneration of the city."

Learn Hindi Podcast

Biweekly, themed English-language episodes present translations and tips for navigating Hindu society in the No. 1 Indian podcast on iTunes. The tag line says it all: "Learn Hindu from Bollywood Movies." But don't expect rigorous language lessons from this entertaining and quirky podcast. Each English-language episode intermingles humorous musings with hindi vocabulary lessons and sound clips from Bollywood films.

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