Published: Nov./Dec. 20082008 DESTINATIONS RATED
Historic Places Rated: North America

Alaska: Sitka

Score: 68

"Impressive balance of Tlingit heritage—especially in the terrific Sitka National Historic Park, with its first-class museum and the totem walk through the forest—and significant Russian heritage. Present-day Sitka has marketed its Russian-ness in some very appealing ways, including the long-standing Russian dance show put on exclusively by women. The icon treasures and awesome interior of St. Michael's Russian Orthodox Church are a hallmark of a vibrant religious history."

"One of the most beautiful sites in Alaska; the National Park Service does a good job at both the visitors center and the restored historic structures. The Russian Bishop's House is magnificent. The Sheldon Jackson Museum contains some real treasures, and should not be missed. The bane of the town are cruise ships, those Wal-Marts of the water. When the boats are in, it is best to be somewhere else. Walk to the tide pools and the raptor center, and wait for things to get better."

"Poor-quality shops sprinkled with several excellent examples of Pacific Northwestern Art and Tlingit heritage."

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