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Florida: St. Augustine

Score: 61

"The character of the many accommodations is a terrific feature of St. Augustine, with 28 first-class restorations, mostly from the 1800s, ranging from what were middle-class homes to mansions of the rich and influential. Great stories to tell with all of them."

"The old quarter preserves some of the history of the old city center, but souvenir shops have all but taken over. The old city seems to have become a parody of itself; in need of more protections."

"Saving the Bridge of Lions was a major preservation victory, and the takeover of many state-owned buildings by the University of Florida preservation program will bring more positive change."

"The town needs to tone down the honky-tonk and put cars in their proper place."

Florida: Winter Park

Score: 70

"This gracious town manages to retain its reputation as an oasis within the helter-skelter growth of Central Florida. Brick streets (which provide natural drainage into the aquifer) are still found throughout."

"Winter Park's small downtown has a commercial district with some interesting historic buildings and small businesses. It also has a nice historic residential area."

"There is a clear sense that this is very much a place where people live, work, go to school—not just a showpiece for tourists."

"The location does run the risk of losing its 'old Florida' feel to too much 'new Florida' architecture."

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