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Red Square Revelations
Click on our interactive map to see the highlights of the historic heart of Russia.

Krasnaya Ploshchad is neither red nor square (krasnaya meant "beautiful" in Old Russian), but Moscow's Red Square is still center stage for Mother Russia. Across a vast sea of cobblestones, the parade of power and people is constant: Iron-lipped guards keep a stern watch over joyous bridal parties, eager balloon-sellers march their wares in front of schoolchildren, black cars drive in and out of the Kremlin, and costumed Cossacks pose for pictures beneath the whimsical domes of St. Basil's Cathedral. In sunshine or under gently falling snow, the most important square in the largest city in the world's largest country is truly impressive, not least for the scenes that have played out against this gargantuan backdrop of towers, steeples, and stars. Today, Moscow's colorful cast members accept the past and find real beauty in the details. Here they share their tips: