Published: July/August 200948 HOURS
Boulder Destination Guide
Photo: Boulder
Boulder's Trident used-book store is a cozy, high-ceilinged hideaway.
Photo by Joanna Pinneo

It's been called the smartest city in America, the thinnest city in America, the best place for a runner or an überjock, and the top green and clean city in the United States. You have to wonder: Where is this perfect place? To find it, head about an hour's drive outside Denver to Boulder, Colorado, a city of 100,000 people and a university town at the foot of the Rockies' Front Range. "You've got 45,000 acres of open space and a hell of a natural park," says Jim Philips, a naturalist for the city of Boulder, explaining its charms. But that's not all: "It's the air and the mountains—it's everything."

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