Traveler's Family Vacation Planner: North Dakota


Audubon National Wildlife Refuge Find out how the Canada goose was saved from extinction, take a tour by car or foot and spot unique species of birds in the wetlands of Lake Audubon, hike through forests and search for foxes and coyotes, try your hand at ice fishing in winter. 3275 11th St. NW, Coleharbor, ND; +1 701 442 5474.

Dakota Zoo Peek at a poison dart frog, meet playful spider monkeys and cotton top tamarinds, and spy on a prowling mountain lion; board a miniature train and stop by the Bismarck Tribune Discovery Center for an up-close experience with some friendly critters. 602 Riverside Park Rd., Bismarck, ND; +1 701 223 7543. Fee.

Garrison Dam National Fish Hatchery See where millions of Northern Plains fish are born each year; tour rearing ponds; watch trout, pike, and salmon in aquariums; find out where young fish go when they leave the hatchery. Hatchery Rd., Riverdale, ND; +1 701 654 7451.

National Buffalo Museum and Frontier Village Navigate a town square full of historic buildings, including a post office, school, barber shop, jail, and train station; trace the impact of buffalo on the Northern Plains region through the centuries, then watch some real herds roaming outside. 500 17th St. SE, Jamestown, ND; +1 701 252 8648. Fee.

Red River Zoo Meet creatures that thrive in cold climates like that of the North Dakota prairie, learn about their diets and habitats in chilly places around the world, discover species like the red panda and the white-lipped deer. 4220 21st Ave. SW, Fargo, ND; +1 701 277 9240. Fee.

Roosevelt Park Zoo Make funny faces at a gibbon, gaze at graceful swans, try to count a leopard's spots; interact with farm animals at the children's zoo; catch a ride on a kid-size model of the Great Northern train. 1219 Burdick Expressway E, Minot, ND; +1 701 857 4166. Fee.

Sully's Hill National Game Preserve Spy on a beaver dam, listen to birdcalls, or spot a set of elk antlers through the trees; hear about different animals from wildlife experts at the amphitheater; stop by the visitors center to peer into a giant aquarium and see exhibits on the region's past. 2nd St. W, Devils Lake, ND; +1 701 766 4272.

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