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United Kingdom: England

Official Tourism Sites

Enjoy England Introduction to attractions, accommodations, flights, activities, travel agents, and more for England.

Visit London Overview of hotels, restaurants, pubs, theaters, and more in England's capital.

Embassy of Great Britain Entry requirements for Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland), and information on Britain's government, national culture, politics, and more.

British Airways Flight schedules and deals from the UK's official airline.

Other Sites We Like Introduction to famous buildings and structures in London, including Big Ben, the London Bridge Tower, and London City Hall.

Dine Online Independent reviews of restaurants throughout England.

Infomat: Fashion Industry Search Engine Listing of runway fashion shows and news about fashion trends in England.

British Library Files of traditional British music, with information on the nation's music industry and links to related resources.

Britain Express Guide to museums in England, with general information on their collections, contact information, and websites.

The Worldwide Gourmet Overview of England's culinary traditions, including foods for holidays and recipes for traditional dishes.

Just UK Listing of major festivals and cultural events in England. Introduction to wineries, vineyards, and wines in England; links to purchase English wines. Overview of life in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558 to 1603), including common foods, religious matters, occupations, fashions, and more.

BBC England News, current events, sports, and entertainment in England from the BBC.

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